About me

Apollinariya Koprivnik

Apollinariya Koprivnik is a Slovenian based jewelry design artist. As a self-taught beader, she started beading in 2011. She graduated with a masters degree in architecture yet started her own path in the world of glass beads and crystals.

From the beginning she was using only beads and embroidery techniques, then she got inspired by Swarovski crystals and semiprecious stones.

Since 2013, she has been  working with mixed techniques as embroidery and bead weaving combining all sorts of Swarovski elements while  constantly searching for new unusual materials.

In January 2014 she started to create her instructions and tutorials for her jewelry designs. She calls her art “Beaded Architecture” since the designs have complex and multilayered structures as found in abstract engineering. 

She had several publications in international magazines (like Perlen Poesie, Germany, Make & Sell Jewellery, UK, Bead & Jewellery, UK and other). She is teaching workshop classes in Europe and USA and always is improving her technique by taking part in international beading competitions as a participant – organized by Swarovski Russia, Fire and Mountain gems, the Beadsmith and she is also an invited judge in international beading contests for official Swarovski retailer shop

Her goal is to make beaders happier while always giving  them some challenges with new patterns and classes.