Welcome to my online classes page

The Zoom class is a type of an online meeting where we work together on one project, but each student works from home! This is a great opportunity to meet and visit with fellow Beaders. I will be showing a step by step explanation in front of the camera, so you will be working together in real time with me.

For class you will need to have webcamera (not obligatory, but good to see each other faces) and computer with internet connection.

Zoom class can be organized by beading store (in this case you will be directed to their page to sign in) or will be organized directly by me (in this case you will be asked to register through my webpage).

One day of the Zoom class lasts 6 hours with 30 minut break. I record difficult parts and repeat more complex steps more times, so I am sure you will know how to finish the design. You will also get step by step PDF instruction and KITS are also shipped by shop who organizes the class or by me (it is described in each class).

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