Privacy Policy

You can choose Paypal or Card payment. Contact me directly, if you want to make payment using
Wise or other acceptable way.
All prices are in Euro. US Dollars are converted automatically by the current exchange rate.
Shipping charges are charged separately.

All packages are shipped by Slovenian Post, priority with tracking. If you want to have any other
shipping, contact me. Note that courier companies are much more expensive, especially shipping to
other countries.
Delivery takes 7-14 days inside EU, 10-30 days US and elsewhere
International shipment may be stopped by customs, all packages are shipped in a customer friendly

All tutorials, finished jewelry and classes are an intellectual property of Apollinariya Koprivnik. All
designs are made by Apollinariya Koprivnik personally. Please note that it is not allowed to copy,
resell or teach designs or any parts of the designs. All tutorials can be used to make finished jewelry
pieces. Please credit the author of the instruction, when share result or any information related to
designs of Apollinariya Koprivnik.

Digital instructions or class fees cannot be refunded.
Finished jewelry or kits can be refunded within 7 days after receiving the package.