Kaleidoscope pendant

Secret box project
Kaleidoscope pendant

How it will work:
You pay the fee for the participation that includes the kit. 
You can also add more kits (price for the second/third excludes registration fee).
You get your box with materials and included instruction. 
You can decide if you want to join me for my one day Zoom class where we will create this design together or not. In the case of participation you keep the envelope sealed and we open it together when the class starts. 
If you will not join Zoom session, please no sharing on social media before the class, so it will stay as a secret for those who will Zoom along with me on 21st of January 2024. 

You are going to bead one bezel with crystals in the settings, then you are going to decorate it with some  extra beautiful netting. Then you will have 5% of embroidery and the rest is going to be bead weaving.
Size of the finished pendant is around 2.4 inch (6cm) – not too big and very wearable! 

You will have three colorways to choose from (you will have names of the colors not sample). Everything else is a mistery. 

Advanced level yet not difficult, it is challenging for beginners and fun for those who is familiar with my style. 

Our first secret class is full.