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Cabs 136 | 2 Drops 50 x 30 mm

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We designed this beautiful unique cabochons with my husband.
Each cab is gently handcrafted from the scratch. First we make ‘skins’ for the shape then cover them with the design I make individually for each color. We bake them twice and then apply the finish. All process takes a lot of time and effort, but we are very proud of the result. There are different collections and shapes we are going to offer.
Sizes / hight of the cabs can slightly vary, since they are all made by hands.

If you’ve paid for the shipping once and your package wasn’t dispatched yet (you didn’t get the tracking number), you can use NOSHIPPING code at the checkout for your next order. This way you can pile up more orders since I will be adding new cabochons. If you want me to ship all of your orders – let me know!

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All cabs are handcrafted and designed by me and my husband.