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Sharpist Pro 5’5 / 14 cm Scissors

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This scissors have long lasting sharp blades made of 56+HRC surgical-grade steel. EverGuard anti-microbial caotingrepels glues and gunk, also appropriate for kitchen use.
Length 5’5 inch or 14 cm long.
Manufactured in Taiwan (ordered directly from the manufacturer)

Personal feedback: I was asked multiple times about this scissors, since I am using them during my classes sessions. I swear this scissors cut felt as butter, I use them personally for 6 years and they are still as sharp as when I bought them, of course I use them for cutting felt (2mm and 4 mm) and ultra suede, so they are not all-purpose scissors for me, since I like the way they serve me for my needs. Try them and I am sure you won’t be disappointed.

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Sharpist Pro are your future most favourite Scissors