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COCKTAIL Earrings pdf.

9.00 VAT

Amazing feminine sophisticated design. Each color combination looks unique and extremely beautiful!
Earrings are not heavy and comfortable to wear.

  • List of materials includes four color suggestions.

Project Difficulty : BEGINNER who is ready for the challenge. ADVANCED

KITS for Cocktail earrings can be found HERE

Beaded with:

โ€“ Rivoli 14mm (2pcs)
โ€“ Chaton SS39 8 mm setted (2 pcs)
โ€“ #4161 Long Oval 15×5 mm +setting with longer distance between holes (2 pcs)
โ€“ Chatons montees 4mm (16 pcs)
โ€“ Bicones 3mm (Color 1 โ€“ 40 pcs, Color 2 โ€“ 4 pcs)
โ€“ Bicones 4mm (Color 1 โ€“ 24 pcs, Color 2 โ€“ 8 pcs)
โ€“ Pearls 4mm (16 pcs)
โ€“ Miyuki short bugles 3mm (16 pcs)
โ€“ Miyuki Quarter tila (32 pcs)
โ€“ Miyuki seed beads 11/0 ( 1 g.)
โ€“ Miyuki seed beads 15/0 (Color 1 – 2gr,ย  Color 2 โ€“ 1 g.)
โ€“ Miyuki delica 11/0 (Less then 1g. )
โ€“ Earring studs (1 pair)
โ€“ 3mm sequins (4 pcs used to protect the earring stud hole)